Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am moving out of my current house this weekend. And I am feeling quite bad about it. As if I am betraying a nice, close friend of four years and going far away, to someone else, never to return. Oh, moving out can be so moving!

And why not? Ever since I moved to Bengaluru, I have been living in the same house, with a lot of friends. This area, with its dwellers, neighbors, shops, temples, dogs and parks has been always kind to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in this area. The various people and places you see everyday around you and take for granted, are a part of your own life, accept it or not. The dairy-wale Anna, our disciplined house owner, the sweet-smiling multi-lingual Sabji-wale bhaiya, the limping dog which guards our street, the diligent Press-wale bhaiya, our super-busy cook, the ever-frivolous half-Telugu half-Kannada speaking maid - all these come together form of a beautiful memory of my first few years in Bangalore. And I am sure they will make me smile even after years.

And this house..... It has seen me grow up, laugh, cry and live a lot of special moments. A lot of people who are special and dear to me, have visited here. A lot of excited conversations have taken place in the hall. Lots of yummy, traditional and exotic dishes have been cooked in the kitchen. So many mid-night birthday parties have been celebrated in the dining room. The terrace and other rooms have heard hours-long conversations between two special someones. And warm tears have been shed often in these bedrooms, who are probably looking forward to do the same after this weekend...

Today, when I saw a fresh "To Let" board on my house, I felt a streak of anxiety within. As if my house is feeling betrayed by me, is heart broken, doesn't want to talk to me... and is inviting strangers to fill the void in its heart left by me...

If, somehow, even for a moment, my house could take a human form, I would rush to him, embrace him in a tight hug and tell him that even I love him as much as he does, and I would really, truly miss him.

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  1. Awww!! What a sweet post >:D< I so miss being in Bangalore right now!