Saturday, May 30, 2009

The inauguration

Welcome to MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Post, the first post of my first blog.

This was long pending, something like a bonfire waiting to light up. The "fuel" started gathering a few years back, when I started having urges to express myself. To add to it, my friend Pizzadude, an old blogger, had almost decided not to talk to me unless I started blogging. But lazy me - I kept on postponing, till he forgot about it ;-)

But recently, as fate would have it, I came across some excellent blogs like Sayesha on the rocks and Bengalooru Banter. They were so good (I would dedicate a seperate post for them), that they went beyond just making me smile and laugh. They changed my perspective about the concept of blogging itself. Then my friend Rom started furiously updating her photo-blog with beautiful pics, and the photographer inside me started getting restless to follow suit. And then suddenly everyone around me seemed to have a blog of their own. So much so, that in this wedding, ......

Urv - Do you blog?
Me - Umm.... no.... I mean not yet..... (*sheepishly grins*)
Sash - What?? You don't BLOG??
(which sounded more like "What?? You don't take bath??")
Me - Ummm..... He he... mmm.. (*an uncomfortable smile*)
PD - (*nods sympathetically*)

Me - (to himself) OK boss, enough, अब तो कुछ करना ही पड़ेगा. (This was like the spark which lit up the bonfire I was talking about.)

So guys and girls (assuming that more than 1 guy and 1 girl are going to read this :D ), here I come! Now its my turn to slam personal views, events, experiences and other rubbish onto the whole world!
(just kidding, you religious bloggers ;-)

शुभम् भवतु !


  1. Yaay! Finally! Welcome welcome! :D :D :D

  2. And you called me old? OLD?? :O

  3. @PizzaDude - Thanks for the 1st comment :)
    And Hey... I didn't call YOU old, baby. I just meant old as in "Purana", not "Buddhha" :D

  4. Aao thakur! Aapka swagat hai :)

    Oh! So you meant OLD as in purana. Baasi. Stale :P

  5. @Urv:
    Teri toh... You wait and watch. Veshtiman is gonna hunt you down and kick your ass! :P

  6. //started having urges to express myself
    Oh! You took an Airtel connection kya??? :P

    I am in a extremely silly mood! Hees :D

  7. @Urv - Shukriya :) And thanks again for clarifying my intentions ;)

    @PD - Were u talli when u posted this? :P

  8. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I PROTEST! I have been misquoted! I did not say "What?? You don't BLOG??" I said, "You should totally BLOG!!!!!!!!" :D

  9. Arre Sayesha bhai! Maaf kar do na! It was just a slip of fingers (or hand.. or keyboard.. or whatever ;-)

  10. Next post next post we want next post!!!!!!