Monday, September 14, 2009


I really can't understand some work policies. When a manager wants to work from home, he can do it anytime. But if I request for a work-from-home for 4 days for some personal important reason, he has to "talk to" his manager, who works from US office, which takes 2 freaking weeks to do, and finally tells me today that his manager didn't agree, and so I must take leaves if I must go.
I bet his manager doesn't even know what I am doing!! And all I am offering is to work, and not not work. Yen ri idu???

Aaaaaaaahhhh! I am so pissed off! :-(


  1. Yeah buddy, These office things can be quite a bitch at times.

    LOL @ your appropriate usage of kannada words :D

  2. We all get mad at the office, it is like the office main purpose. But what happened to you?! Why you don't write anymore? :(